An overall account of afterlife has been presented. Upon physical death, a soul aspect briefly departs its current ‘matrix’ of reality and enters a realm that is commonly referred to as the “Ethereal Plane.” It is explicated that depending on the natural frequency of the soul aspect just prior to the moment of death, the soul aspect may take diverse journeys in the afterlife. If the natural frequency of the soul aspect has been depleted during the course of its last incarnation/reincarnation, the soul aspect must first clear and cleans its core memory prior to being able to move on to higher planes of consciousness. There exists a plane of consciousness residing just outside the ethereal plane that is known as the ‘Astral Plane.’ This plane is comprised of very low frequencies. According to the third stage of the law of attraction the soul aspect must ‘allow’ to reminisce some of its lowest frequencies experienced last in order to be able to clear and cleans itself of the karma accumulated during the course of its last incarnation/reincarnation. Once this is achieved [or alternatively if its frequency is already high enough], the soul aspect moves on to ‘Summerland [purgatory],’ which lies beyond the Astral Plane. Here, the soul aspect undergoes a process of deep soul-searching and reflection in order to review its past experiences and clearly decipher all the lessons learned during its prior journey in the third dimension. At this point, the soul aspect may decide to reincarnate in order to repeat certain lessons that were not initially mastered on 3-D. Alternatively, upon the realization that its frequency has been uplifted beyond such point, it will progressively journey through the ‘Emotional,’ ‘Thought,’ ‘Causal,’ ‘Spiritual’, and finally ‘Crystalline’ planes of consciousness in order to ascend. The soul aspect may decide to continue with its journey independently or join with all its other aspects as to function as a complete ‘soul,’ ‘oversoul,’ ‘avatar,’ or ‘rishi,’ depending on its overall acquired state of consciousness. Such decisions are made only then, and at such acquired level of exalted frequency, and in cooperation with its fellow soul aspects and its HIGHERSELVES. The soul may find itself either at ‘level I,’ ‘level II,’ or ‘level III’ crystallinity, which are commensurate with the 5th, 7th, or 9th planes of consciousness, respectively. A discussion of existence at such higher levels of consciousness is beyond the scope of this manuscript. Suffice it to say that at such levels of consciousness [beyond 9th], the soul cannot take up a corporeal state.         

After “Death” – the Ethereal and Astral Planes

  • A physical body first experiences “death” by virtue of its heart stopping to ‘beat.’
  • The stoppage of the heart from beating is synonymous with the soul aspect separating from the body.
  • If this condition persists in time, the soul aspect permanently leaves the body via exiting the holographic matrix of time and space, and temporarily enters a new ‘dimension’ with a ‘natural frequency of vibration’ that is commensurate with its latest state of consciousness prior to departure [1-2].
  • This realm is referred to as the ‘Ethereal Dimension,’ which resides slightly above the third dimensional consciousness of physicality.The Etheric Realm
  • Depending on the conscious state of the departed soul aspect, as far as the magnitude of the natural frequency of vibration is concerned, a soul aspect may take distinct paths of expedition.
  • If the overall natural frequency of the incarnate is diminished during its last experiential endeavors, say via adopting evil traits and/or mischievous malevolence, as may be compared to its incipient natural frequency prior to its incarnation, the soul aspect will enter what may be described as the ‘Astral Plane.’4th and Astral -revised
  • The Astral Plane constitutes the lowest plane in the 4th dimension, where evil lurks.
  • It serves as a ‘garbage disposal site’ where all soul aspects temporarily park their unresolved karma and victim consciousness, only to be revisited later in order to clear and cleans the soul from all negative and unsettled issues encountered during the course of past incarnation(s).
  • The Astral Plane is the place one visits during nightmares.
  • And, as disturbing as it might appear to a person, sometimes such nightly sojourns may actually serve to clear and cleans the soul body from such futile negativeness.
  • By boldly encountering such ‘demons’ causing anxiety and fear within the incarnate body, one gets rid of such unresolved karmic issues that otherwise continuously diminish one’s natural frequency of vibration [3-4].
  • A good model for clearing and cleansing the soul aspect from unresolved karma is an initially stretched spring element comprised of elastic deformation that may be recovered conservatively and without any dissipation of energy or damage through contraction and returning to a position of stability and equilibrium [5].
  • The overall result of the clearing and cleansing process is that it serves to restore the vibrational capacity and the natural frequency of the incarnate to its enhanced or optimum value.

Summerland [or Purgatory]

  • When a soul aspect succeeds to achieve such an operation, either during incarnation or after death, the uplifted natural frequency of the soul aspect guides it to vibrate within a higher plane of dimensional consciousness.
  • This is the plane that is often referred to as the “Purgatory” or better described as the ‘Summerland.’Summerland revised
  • Summerland resides above the ‘Astral’ and below the middle plane of consciousness in the 4th dimension.
  • A soul aspect that is relatively free of unresolved karma can proceed to go to Summerland after physical death.
  • Alternatively, a soul aspect can strive to traverse the fields of the Astral Planes by encountering all its demons in order to clear and cleans itself of all its unresolved karma after death, and subsequently proceeds to the Summerland.
  • Sometimes a soul aspect may loose its active [physical] consciousness so abruptly and without much warning or guidance that when it reaches Summerland in the absence of any significant negative karma, it becomes so discombobulated that it does not recognize the state of affairs following the death of its body.physical Consciousness
  • In this event the soul aspect may alternatively attempt to return to the 3-D ‘holographic matrix of its reality’ immediately and strive to function within physicality [6].
  • Thus, the soul aspect may try to continue ‘living out’ its incarnational sojourns within a dimension that is now ‘out of phase’ with matrix of physical reality.
  • Initially bewildered and baffled, the soul aspect cannot comprehend why it cannot manipulate the matrix through its touch and other sensory perceptions.
  • This is what is commonly referred to as a “ghost state.”
  • As the soul aspect tries in vain to ‘fit in’ the matrix that has been known to it throughout its entire incarnated life, it comes to the rude awakening that the laws and the principles of the universe that were known to him/her before no longer apply to its out-of-phase existence.
  • And, it is true that sometimes it happens that such soul aspects as imprints of what has been or has transpired in the past, linger on perpetually, existing in a format of ‘animated suspension,’ until they are guided by a higher consciousness to come to terms with themselves and proceed to the Summerland.
  • When successfully reached the planes of Summerland, and when one discerns the reality of its ‘passing on,’ one embarks on a new ‘life’ with a distinctly different mission to carry on.
  • Summerland is the realm of familiar faces or physical images.
  • It is there that the soul aspect encounters ‘old’ families or old acquaintances, and it is the place to meet new kinship.Reincarnation
  • It is where the soul aspect embarks on the collective planning with other soul aspects to further its consciousness expansion via new incarnations with groups of other soul aspects that may this time appear as family or friends or just vessels that may be passing by in its newly planned incarnational journey.
  • An ‘old’ wife now may become the husband, the brother, sister, a family member, a friend, or any other acquaintance or a figure that by playing a proper role in a new saga of ‘life,’ would ensure one’s success to achieve expanded consciousness via new incarnation.
  • And, one who may appear to be an enemy, and adversary, or an obstacle to experience comfort or pleasure in a sojourn of life, may actually be instrumental in guiding one to undergo experiential endeavors that actually serve to expand the consciousness of the soul.
  • In this regard, such a person is actually a friend and not a foe.
  • One may access the Akashic Records in order to choose from a myriad of scenarios that may serve as a new template by which new experiential sojourns would lead to consciousness expansion of a given soul aspect.
  • For example, one can select to play the role of the Joan of Arc or Gandhi or Einstein or Saint Germane or any other character by appropriately entering an already running holographic matrix of reality.we live in a movie
  • It is always true that no two performances will ever be equal and every player improvises in its own way in order to achieve a different outcome, leading to a slightly different script regarding each distinct saga of ‘life.’
  • And, it is certainly true that such a new script makes a new addition in the Akashic Records via instigating a separate timeline running on a different path.parallel timeline
  • Such records provide a repertory representing a different outcome among all possible outcomes that may be non-deterministic, stochastic, and probabilistic at best.
  • Note that by just planning, nothing is set in the stone.
  • A soul aspect is endowed with the gift of Free Will.
  • And, all holographic software programs may be altered spontaneously to run a different course, and thus produce a different saga of ‘life’ or a distinct ‘timeline.’
  • When a new lifeline is created via sentient beings that are of Free Will, the outcome is never deterministic and utterly set in stone by fate.
  • It is all part of a plan to newly experiment and learn freshly without any bias or full restraint.
  • It is true that the overall script or scenario of a newly proposed sagas of life is constrained by and fall under certain guidelines, or governed to follow a certain path, however, creation is an artistic endeavor that is purposeful, yet not uncompromising.
  • And, it is all guaranteed through power of Free Will and is subject to improvisation by the principal players who are the creators of their realities.
  • Only, efforts must be made as to not stray drastically from the path that you set before you prior to incarnation.
  • Otherwise, the benevolent intent may become derailed as to give way to malice, negativeness, and outright evil.
  • In the event that such misdirection gives rise to malevolence and evil, it would surely defeat the mission of achieving the consciousness expansion of the soul as the natural frequency of the soul becomes depleted and not uplifted.
  • And, if the outcome is disastrous and destructive to the point that the stored karma within the soul cannot be redeemed beyond its recoverable state, it is said that the soul will ‘fall out of light,’ thus not being ever capable of transparency or divine light absorption [low light quotient], as it is the light that rejuvenates and revitalizes consciousness.

Beyond Summerland

  • Note that reincarnation may not be the viable choice for a soul aspect visiting the Summerland [7-8].
  • After a review of its soul aspect incarnational memories and proper deciphering and keeping in perspective all the lessons accomplished, a soul aspect may come to the realization that it has succeeded in its initial goals and the mission of expanded consciousness set before itself prior to its last incarnation.
  • Therefore, it may be incumbent on the soul aspect to ‘move on’ to higher dimensional planes of consciousness.
  • Beyond Summerland there exist progressively higher and higher planes of consciousness.
  • These include the ‘Emotion,’ ‘Thought,’ ‘Causal,’ ‘Spiritual,’ and the ‘crystalline’ planes of consciousness [9].
  • All these planes of consciousness reside beyond Summerland.
  • Generally, the crystalline light of consciousness undergoes a process of polarization as it enters the 4th dimension of physicality.
  • Each constituent divine ray of light is of a particular color that divides the lower planes of physicality below the 5th dimension into 7 distinct sub-dimensions.
  • Residing below the ‘crystalline,’ plane of consciousness are: the ‘spiritual,’ ‘causal,’ ‘thought,’ ‘emotional,’ ‘ethereal,’ and ‘3-D physical’ dimensions of consciousness.
  • In terms of energetics, each plane of consciousness is depicted by a distinct layer within the etheric aura [10].Our 7 Distinct Bodies
  • Also aura is composed of a series of energetic points called chakras that serve as particle accelerators fortifying our etheric energies [11].
  • In its most fundamental form, and prior to death, only the physical body is actively conscious.
  • Here, the body functions in its most primitive physical form comprised of only physical [active] consciousness mind spearheaded by binary [switch on or off, yes or no] logic and the rational activities of the physical brain [12].
  • Here, the natural frequency of vibration is at its lowest.
  • And, as the natural frequency of the incarnate is uplifted progressively more chakras and the higher layers of the human aura get activated from the slightly above the fundamental state to levels that makes the consciousness to migrate to the ethereal [2nd layer], emotional [3rd layer], thought [4th layer], causal [5th layer], spiritual [6th layer], and the crystalline state [the 7th layer].
  • When the crystalline state is reached, the 7 layers of the aura are activated and encompasses all to form an 8th overall layer.  
  • At this point the number of etheric chakras increases from 7 to 12.
  • This condition describes the onset of crystallinity of the soul aspect [13].


  • As the consciousness expands and the natural frequency of the vibration is progressively increased from its fundamental to the crystalline state, the kundalini, an energetic entity initially residing at the base of our spinal chord and at our ‘root chakra,’ migrates up the spine until it finally reaches our ‘crown chakra.’
  • It is at this moment that we become crystalline [14].becoming crystalline revised
  • When the state of crystallinity is achieved, our genetic structure fully awakens from a 2-1 DNA-RNA form to a 12-6 configuration.
  • It is then said that we have reached the state of ‘full consciousness.’
  • Note that the human mind operates very much like a radio, always receiving, deciphering, and transmitting frequential signals.
  • In its most fundamental physical state the mind communicates using beta waves.
  • ‘Beta’ waves are relatively of low frequencies and wide wavelengths.
  • As our frequency upshifts to higher and to the ethereal state we become capable of communicating with relatively higher frequency signals possessing shorter wavelengths.
  • This is known as the ‘Alpha State.’
  • There on, as our consciousness state expands we start communicating with progressively higher frequency signals of even shorter wavelengths.
  • Note that we possess energetic points within our ethereal and physical bodies that serve to accelerate light energies.
  • These are our chakras.
  • Although we are initially born with the 7 basic chakras intact, at the most fundamental level in physicality and when physically alive, we only operate with a maximum of 3 [root, naval, gut] that are all concerned with our most fundamental energies with regard to survival, etc.
  • As our natural frequency increases these chakras start to progressively ‘light up’ or activate.
  • When the Kundalini moves up the spinal cord and reaches our pineal gland, we begin to communicate through the ‘Theta Mind.’
  • The process of crystalline transformation starts to occur when the pineal begins to open up and communicate with the higher ethereal realms.
  • Subsequently, our pituitary, thymus and hypothalamus chakras also begin to crystallize and activate.
  • When this process of crystalline has completed we have had reached a state in which a total of 12 chakras have activated.
  • It is often said that the one chakra now encompasses all the 12 chakras and by a Fibonacci sequence of 12+1 we have a total of 13 activated chakras.
  • Beyond the onset of crystallinity, our chakras begin to light up like the Aurora Borealis.
  • Beyond this level of frequency we can access the 5th dimension.Crystal Light Body
  • This is often called level I crystallinity.
  • When this occurs the 7th auric layer expands to encompass all the other 7 auric layers forming a Fibonacci sequence of 7+1 = 8 layers.
  • Here, a total of 8 x 12 = 96 chakras become activated.
  • Higher levels of crystallinity can be reached when our frequency matches the frequency of higher dimensional consciousness.
  • For example, at level II crystallinity, the 7 auric layers expand to a total of 12 layers, following an activation sequence that involve a total of 12 x 12 = 144 chakras.
  • Level II crystallinity is prevalent in dimensional consciousness of beyond 5 [i.e., 7th].
  • And, beyond this point, even more auric layers become activated [20] to actuate a total of 20  x 12 = 240 chakras.
  • This is called level III crystallinity that is prevalent in the 9th dimension.
  • Beyond the 9th dimension no corporeal state of consciousness exists and the soul can freely roam around and operate fully in antimatter [15].
  • So, although strictly speaking, matter still manifests in dimensions 9-12 defining physicality, there is no need for a corporeal state for the soul to function under.
  • In numerology, using the Fibonacci sequence and considering all the 12 chakras and a total of 20 auric layers having been activated, this gives rise to a sequence of 13-20-33 that denotes the state of full crystallinity.
  • So, as it can be seen, depending on the natural frequency of vibration of the ethereal body of the soul, it can choose to exist and operate under a variety of states as well as in many shapes and forms.Constellation karma revised
  • For example, next time around, a soul may want to appear once again as as a human or may be a bipedal lion, etc.
  • However, it is true that souls [or soul aspects] often incarnate or reincarnate as groups with the same members of family or friends in a previous lifetime playing a different role in the next life.
  • A soul aspect who has exalted its natural frequency and conscious state may choose to operate independently as a soul residing in the 5th, or 7th or 9th dimension of consciousness that is commensurate with its natural frequency of vibration.
  • Alternatively, it may collectively choose with its other soul aspects to combine and exist as a soul of higher consciousness.
  • Similarly, infusion or aggregation of souls may lead to formation of an oversoul, and the aggregation of many oversouls to form an avatar, and joining of myriad of avatars to form a rishi.
  • When the frequency of an entity becomes so high it may appear as a planet, star, solar system or even a galaxy, etc.
  • These are decisions that are made collectively and at remarkably higher states of consciousness that are outside the scope of this article and are envisioned to be purposeful as to add to the order and stability of the overall consciousness of the cosmos.

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