The problem of anxiety with earth humans on this continuum of Omni Earth has been explicated. It is emphasized that anxiety occurs as a result of disharmony or lack of synchronization of the out of phase vibration of the physical body with its ethereal driving soul aspect. It is suggested that in the event of occurrence of anxiety it is best not to depend on the counsel of the duality-driven binary-logic brain to provide answers for the cause of the anxiety in the body as the brain is quite limited in its mammon of stored knowledge, which is only gathered during the course of the present incarnation. Furthermore, it is advised that if anxiety pursues, it is prudent to resort to self-reflection via meditation with the requisite that the chatter of the active conscious mind must first be muted. This way, the sub-conscious mind will take over, which through the intuitive efforts of the heart and the thymus it is possible to seek the counsel of the HIGHERSELF or the Universal Mind residing in the higher dimensions of consciousness. And, once such a connection is made, it is envisaged that the higher mind encourages the incarnate to engage in creational endeavors that will institute body comfort and tranquility as well as serve the purpose of acquiring expanded consciousness – the two primary directives mandated by the Prime Creator. The subject of money as the ‘root of all evils’ has been expounded upon with the conclusive deduction that money is a primary source of causing anxiety in human body residing on this current continuum of Omni Earth. It is further elucidated that the introduction of money has been ‘purposeful’ for a horde of soul-less aliens who are currently controlling our present hologram of reality. Furthermore, it is cautioned that excessive use of mind-occupying electronic instruments such as the cellular phones is pointless that deprives us from the precious time that could otherwise be expended on uplifting creational endeavors that transmute anxiety as well as ensure tranquility and self-contentment. Finally, it is advised that by disallowing anxiety we are destined to not only enlighten the mind and incite tranquility and creationism, but to also avoid unwarranted karma. It also has the added advantage of starving our jail keepers by negating their parasitic and vampiric urges against feeding energetically upon us.    

Our Complex Incarnate Machinery

  • The incarnate body is a highly complex apparatus [1].
  • It is comprised of an ethereal body that we refer to as a ‘soul’ aspect embedded in a physical system we call our ‘body’ [2].
  • The incarnate system is a complicated antimatter infused in matter [3].
  • This incarnate structure can only function optimally, if not even adequately, when there is some degree of synchronicity between these antimatter and matter components.
  • Generally speaking, the natural frequency of the soul is much higher than that of the physical body.
  • When the natural frequency of the body is uplifted so it operates within a band of frequencies indigenous to the soul aspect, the phenomenon of ‘beating’ occurs [4].
  • Here, the body begins to send signals and starts to communicate with the higher frequencies of the soul aspect.
  • This is quite advantageous to the incarnate, which culminates in effective guidance that, in turn, leads to inspiration, creationism and productivity.
  • At the same time, the incarnate experiences comfort, prosperity, and pleasure.
  • In the event that the incarnate body is capable of raising its natural frequency to exactly match that of the ethereal soul aspect the singularity of ‘resonance’ ensues.
  • Here, the incarnate begins to function with optimum performance.
  • In contrast, anxiety is the end product of a scenario that when the incarnate body and the soul aspect vibrate ‘out of phase’ with one another.anxiety revised
  • Here, the incarnate’s function is totally governed by the workings of the brain, whose occupation is utterly influenced by binary logic, working on the premise of duality.The Brain 2
  • This means the brain has a 50/50 chance to get it right, as commonly there is a right and a wrong answer or approach to everything.
  • In essence, the brain is a ‘radio’ that is capable of receiving, processing, and transmitting signals to and fro the cosmos.
  • The brain that is spearheaded by the physical [or consciously active] mind usually communicates in beta waves [5].
  • The beta waves constitute the lowest frequencies of the sentient consciousness.
  • As the brain acts as a radio, it is prone to be subjected to a myriad of frequencies from extreme positive to negative stimuli.
  • Therefore, when the natural frequencies of the incarnate body and the soul aspect are not synchronous [out of phase] with one another, unproductivity as well as discomfort can occur, primarily due to two different mechanisms.
  • These include, (1) the deprivation of the incarnate from the guidance of the higher mind triggered by the soul aspect, and (2) the surrendering of the incarnate to the erroneous duality-driven binary-logic brain piloted by the physical mind.Release of Anxiety and Fear - Universal Consciousness
  • The utilization of the brain without the obvious advantageous intuitive impulses inspired by the Universal Mind is a particularly perilous journey that may easily lead to disaster and distress [6].Release of Anxiety or Fear - Dream State
  • And, the latter is often readily expressed in the emotional body as the incarnate encounters anxiety and doubt with respect to dealing with the insecure undertakings of the binary brain.Doubt - best
  • This is usually manifested through the malfunctions of our endocrine system through unwarranted discharge of certain hormones that confuse the workings of the organs and other constituent parts of the body, which lead to discomfort and distress [7].
  • The problem even becomes more exasperated as the incarnate, in desperation, resorts to the brain to find answers as to why such sensations transpire in the body.Time-Space and Brain and mind
  • And, of course, as limited is the data base of the brain in such matters, such inquiries remain in vain.
  • Note that all that the physical is privy to access in its data base are the result of experiential endeavors of the incarnate during the present course of incarnation.Release of Anxiety or Fear - Free Will
  • And, it is highly likely that the brain is totally clueless as to how to handle such complicated and distressing issues at hand such as the unwarranted anxiety.
  • The crux of the matter is that such inquiries and the resulting lack of proper answers render the body even more anxious.Fear or anxiety
  • In fact, if proper discipline is not instituted, the whole process can get absurdly out of hand, leading to sever anxiety and fear [8].
  • And, both anxiety and fear are highly dissipative in terms of consciousness, leading to sever diminishing of the natural frequency of the incarnate body.faith and anxiety or fear
  • With such destitution of the frequency [or alternatively light quotient] comes desperation and anger, culminating in violence behavior and other acts of evil.Violence
  • And, all these frequencies are impoverishing that lead to markedly lower and lower natural frequencies of consciousness, accentuating the accumulation of stored karma within the soul body [9].Rage or anger
  • The experience can be sensed to be particularly discomforting to the body when the incarnate body chooses to take a passive role not to resort to anger or discharge the negative energies as waste.anger
  • In contrast, anger causes rage and leads to  accumulation of karma, and at the same time is highly distressful.karma- metaphysics-revised
  • It is clear that the latter approach of passiveness is more advantageous to the soul, and can be remedied by adopting an alternate approach.
  • When such anxieties occur in the body, it is incumbent on the incarnate to adopt calmness and embark on a journey of self-reflection through meditation instead of resorting to the dealings of the physical brain.Solitude, Meditation, Self-Reflection
  • Such an approach safeguards against frequency depletion and consequently also avoids accumulation of karma in the soul.
  • Through self-reflection and meditation one can access the Universal Mind for guidance, which is triggered through utilization of the inherent intuitive skills of the incarnate body [6].Intuition revised
  • However, before this occurs one needs to quieten the physical brain as to not engage the physical consciousness through possible transmittal and receiving of the thought frequencies with the outside sources.Mind Chatter revised
  • With the dormancy of the physical mind it is then possible to activate and engage the sub-conscious mind in communicating with the Universal Mind, or the soul’s HIGHERSELF.
  • And, if perseverance and discipline are instigated, the incarnate body can soon uplift its natural frequency to roam in a realm of higher consciousness void of anxiety and fear.handling pressure and difficulties revised
  • The end result is a sense of exhilaration, bliss, and enlightenment that is quite healing and therapeutic.
  • To accentuate the process it is best to ‘allow’ SELF to accept the attractive impulses of the field of unconditional love prevalent in higher dimensions in order to transmute the anxiety and discomfort of the body [10].Love transmiutes anxiety or fear - listening and hearing
  • In simple terms, try to ‘have a benevolent and happy’ thought.
  • And, know that initially this may seem to be difficult and even may appear to be impossible as the incarnate body filled with anxiety is trenched in low frequencies.
  • However, with discipline and perseverance it will all soon seem quite practical if not probable.
  • Note that the workings of the body, particularly the endocrine system are somewhat ‘plastic,’ meaning that they are highly memory-dependent.
  • When an incarnate allows or indulges in anxiety, the physical constituents and systems of the body, being void of individual consciousness, rely upon memory to carry out their functions.
  • It is incumbent on the incarnate to break the habit so to speak and rewrite body history.
  • In other words, the body, including the highly reflexive endocrine system, must be re-trained as to function in an alternative fashion.
  • Through consistent meditation the body will soon learn to relax and ‘enjoy’ the peace and tranquility that self-reflection conveys.
  • And, with relaxation comes self-contentment and self-love [11].Self-Love -revised
  • On the other hand, an anxious body often seeks to run away from itself, which eventually instigates self-loathing.Self-Hatred
  • A proper way to safeguard against anxiety and self-loathing is to communicate with the soul through the sub-conscious, and closely listen to the desires and the missions of the HIGHERSELF.
  • And, this can all be achieved through consistent meditation with the requisite of quieting the physical mind.
  • As the HIGHERSELF is indigenous to the higher dimensions of consciousness [12], it closely resonates and indeed adheres to the prime directives that are the urge for expanded consciousness and creationism.
  • Therefore, it is best to attentively ‘listen’ to the desires of the soul to engage in creativity.
  • At the same time, one needs to quieten the ego mind [13], as the physical mind operates on the mammon of its acquired data base during the course of present incarnation.worthy Lessons for All - Ego

Broad Classification of Incarnates Presently Found on this Omni Earth

  • By far, the largest groups of incarnates found on earth today are those who are totally out of touch with their ethereal SELVES.
  • These constitute the majority of incarnates who are tangled up in a web of deceit desperately trying to play the game of survival.Survivability Illusion 1
  • They are often so wrapped up in this game that they virtually do not have a moment of quality time doing soul-searching as to ponder or inquire who they are, where do they come from, what they are doing on earth, and where they are heading afterward.
  • They are often so inundated with physicality that they believe all they are comprised of in this life is their physical existence, their present form, their physical body.form revised
  • By far most believe that their bodies are commodities that propel them into success or despair in this life and they need to first look decent before they feel good.
  • This is why they almost invariably concern themselves with the futile game of fascination with their physical SELF, desperately giving in to consumerism as to purchase clothes and make up, or for some, nowadays, to resort to plastic surgery as to change their looks.
  • And, of course, this is so misguided because prior to incarnation one decides and chooses exactly what one will look like in the physical life.
  • This inundating concern for physical self is particularly prevalent in females who have also been treated for centuries or millennia as sex objects with ‘form’ being considered as a commodity to attract favor or attention.
  • They invariably rely on the erroneous impulse that they only have a limited ‘life’ span overall, believing that, therefore, they must ‘race’ to get all they can, and self-indulge while it lasts.
  • This feeling is particularly prevalent in the West within certain countries such as United States, which lack  a rich collective ancient history or culture.
  • In concert with the fascination with physical self is vanity and a strong feeling of surrendering to sexual desires or at least the intent to follow a template that is carefully planned and written in by the capitalists, and particularly those who are pawn in a much more evil or ghastly agenda for humanity control and subjugation to bondage.mass media - revised
  • The latter comprises a horde of soul-less aliens and their consorts who are currently controlling our holographic matrix of reality [14].Luciferian planet revised
  • Needless to say that almost all that transpire on earth nowadays are the result of disinformation and misinformation and careful planning by our jail keepers who are leading you to believe that everything can only be weighed and evaluated from the point of view of money, need for survivalism, greed, and fascination with the physical self.
  • You are pre-programmed by the erroneous thoughts and even beliefs that you are inferior or you will never amount to anything significant, so you feel insecure at the core, inundated with the impression of lack of self-confidence.
  • Therefore, you are constantly ‘fixed’ with the overwhelming feeling of anxiety, with the drastic outcome of bleeding of your precious divine energies.
  • This also either leads to severe depression and helplessness and lethargy or manifests itself as rage and anger and feeling of defiance culminating in violent tendencies to want to get even.
  • The latter is also most draining and dissipative in terms of your divine energies.
  • You are constantly told that “time is money” [15].auric symptoms - money worries revised
  • And, of course, this is absurd, as generally speaking, neither money brings tranquility or enlightenment, nor your time in this cosmos is limited, as you are eternal.
  • Thus, you need to abandon the impulses of the ego mind inundated with such futile subliminal messages, and instead, look at everything you do from the point of view of enlightenment, acquiring expanded consciousness, and of course, creativity.
  • Therefore, indulge your SELF in urges that may be classified as ‘hobby’ on this Omni Earth and the continuum of time and space, and search to find what enlightens you that is both expansive in consciousness and creational.
  • This may be arts such as painting, sculpture, photography, or music, etc., or psychology and abstract thoughts, or any other endeavors that suit the cravings of YOUR soul.
  • Apart from such masses currently occupying earth, broadly speaking, one can distinguish between two other groups of incarnate on this Omni Earth.
  • The first group consist of a group of souls who delve much deeper in abstract thoughts and closely subconsciously adhere to the directives of the Prime Creator with regards to expanded consciousness and creationism.
  • Although this group of incarnates appear to be much more scarce on this current Omni Earth, undoubtedly they do exist, who are more prone to spirituality, legal justice or human rights, philosophy, education, instruction, etc.
  • Such incarnates can find themselves immersed in anxiety if they do not resonate with the directives of their soul, by frivolously trying to ‘fit in’ and pursue with masses, desperately trying to emulate others, perhaps as a result of ‘peer pressure,’ or the erroneous attempt to be ‘normal.’
  • As the consciousness atmosphere of this Omni Earth has traditionally been inundated with low frequencies, these incarnates usually suffer from ‘anxiety’ throughout their earthly lives, unless they find the cure of synchronizing with their parent soul.
  • There is often an intense feeling of lack of self-worth or discontentment haunting such incarnates, which arises from the ‘knowing’ that they have not performed to even being ‘par’ in this incarnation.
  • Many live in a state of ‘suspended animation,’ often attempting to turn off both their sub-conscious as well as the physical conscious mind in order to ‘get along.’
  • Some resort to chemical drugs, alcohol, and intense smoking to help them ‘forget,’ or not to engage the mind of any sort or caliber.
  • Some desperately seek to find a meaning for their lives by resorting to psychedelic drugs, and such spiritual substances as the Ayahuasca.
  • Others join a Reiki, Yoga, or other spiritual groups, or embark on such journeys as Vision Quest.
  • And, this latter group do not provide the examples for the worst anxiety cases by any means.
  • In contrast, there are those who have incarnated on this 3-D Omni Earth to simply reap the benefits of the amazing diversity of life on this planet.
  • Examples include wondrous geographic features [jungles, desserts, mountains, rivers-lakes-oceans, etc.], the assortments of foods and the endless culinary recipes [using multitudes of plants, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and other choices], and association with varied races and cultures, etc.
  • These incarnates soon find that the instrument of desire to fulfil such needs and ventures is money.
  • Thus, in conformity with the status quo regarding the reality of the ‘matrix of bondage’ on this continuum of time and space, they focus all their ambitions and efforts on a single goal, which is to gain monetary advantage on this Omni Earth.
  • And, once they find that they cannot comply with the requisites of success with regard to money making, be it their own lethargy, or often, the conflict that it creates with their moral standards, they get dejected and feel helpless to continue on.
  • It is then, that they get trapped in the web of anxiety and fear, particularly when in direct opposition to the directives of the higher consciousness [that is attaining expanded consciousness and embarking on creative endeavors], they do not seek any alternatives to occupy their time with.
  • As a result, they keep having a futile incarnation experience, mostly either living in suspended animation, or indulging in negative karmic activities.
  • What is sad and pathetic is that they spend a great portion of their lifetime in anxiety and fear, culminating in anger, mischief, and futile pursuits of fulfilling their primary objective, which is to ‘chase after money.’
  • And, the overall result is that such futile low-consciousness ‘hunter-gatherer’ activities often culminate in utter self-loathing and downheartedness to the point of numbness that often manifest themselves as utter apathy and detachment from others.
  • And, of course, inducement of anxiety and fear is very much in concert with the needs and objectives of a horde of non-human aliens and their half breed consorts who happen to be controlling the holographic matrix of our reality on this Omni Earth.
  • These are soul-less creatures who are either of synthetic pedigree [Archons and Greys] or are the so-called reptilian ‘fallen angels’ and kinds who thrive parasitically on earth-angelic-humans.Life without Light
  • And, in order to fulfil their vampiric needs they must incite and accentuate anxiety and fear in us, which are the primary mechanisms for energetic dissipation or bleeding.
  • Being deprived of the capability to absorb the divine sun light [zero light quotient], and its benefits in terms of energetic nourishment, this is the way these parasitic energy vampires feed.
  • Therefore, by disallowing or abandoning anxiety, not only we can prosper in terms of both attaining tranquility, consciousness expansion and fulfilling our urge or directive for creationism, at the same time we ultimately starve our jailers.
  • This way, may be, they either seize to exist or are forever banished from this continuum of Omni Earth.
  • Remember that the best lifestyle is simplicity.
  • One needs very little to ‘survive’ on.
  • The key issue is to disallow greed and frivolous ‘needs.’Greed revised
  • Excessive materialism does neither bring unadulterated tranquility nor nourishes the mind.
  • Therefore, greed or neurotic urges of excessive ‘needs’ is yet another culprit for diminishing the natural frequency or consciousness.
  • It complicates life to the point of bafflement and absurdity.
  • Furthermore, extreme and unnecessary utilization of technology to the point of engaging the mind like zombies is useless if not ludicrous.
  • It deprives mankind of the precious use of time, which may otherwise be dedicated to productive and creational endeavors.
  • Therefore, excessive fascination with such electronic products as personal mobile phones is pointless.
  • These products may be used as instruments of convenience to some point, however, disproportionate occupation and engagement of the mind with regard to their usage is unwarranted.
  • Again, they rub mankind of the exquisite time that may be expended in deciphering and appreciating the countless marvels this earth has to offer or artistic and creational undertakings that are not only enlightening but also ensure serenity and calmness.


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