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Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D., Higher Dimensional Essays on Creation: The Fundamentals of Creation, Institute of Spiritual Science Publishing, 2019.

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An overview of the Prime Creator with the Cosmos as to constitute ITS ‘body’ is presented. It is explicated that the Prime Creator emanated from the God-SOURCE that now serves as ITS heart-brain and command control center. An overview of the body of Cosmos is presented that include an intricate Tree of Life structure comprised of a main ‘trunk’ that accommodates and sprouts out as to form the intricate conjugate dimensional structure of the Cosmos as ITS branches. It is explicated that ALL living things, and even the Constitutive Quanta of energy that give rise to the fabric of the dimensional space-times as well as all forms created within the Cosmos, are inevitably interconnected to one another, being a constituent part of the Tree of Life. In this respect, view yourself as a young leaf having sprouted out from a fresh branch that is, in turn, connected to an older and more stable branch and so on and so forth that is connected to the main trunk epitomizing the Prime Creator’s spinal cord, giving rise to certain branches that represent ITS Neural Network. Thus, everything is, ultimately, supported by a root system having ALL germinated from the original God-SOURCE and the progenitor of life and consciousness of the ALL that routinely supports and supplies ALL with the vital life-consciousness energy via the advent of light. It is further elucidated that everything is naturally prone to entropic energies of disorder that would ultimately wither and die if it did not remain connected to the Tree of Life and the SOURCE. It is, thus, prudent to stay in the light and remain connected to the SOURCE to be privy to constantly receive the support and the vital energetic supplied by the SOURCE, so as to attain consciousness expansion and evolve.


  • The Cosmos constitutes the body of the Prime Creator [1].
  • It is comprised of mainly Consciousness Quanta of energy that free flow in Void within the Cosmos, and a modicum of Constitutive Quanta of energy that form the fabrics of the dimensional space-time edifice of the Cosmos [2].
  • Such Constitutive Quanta also provide the essence for the variety of forms that thrive within such dimensions.
  • The Prime Creator mainly operates through ITS heart-brain referred to as the God-SOURCE that is located within the center of ITS spherical body [3].
  • The God-SOURCE epitomizes the initial source of intelligent energy that as a mass of unlimited density of enormously ordered, fully crystalline, coherent form of consciousness energy, torsionally vibrating about ITSELF as a an infinite degree of freedom system with immeasurable frequency, now functions as the command center for the Prime Creator.
  • The Cosmos was created as the SOURCE comprised of the initially congealed Consciousness Quanta of energy, exploded-imploded upon ITSELF as to free up ITS quanta of energy, forming Expansive-Contractive Quanta of energy [4], respectively, that were subsequently projected into the Void as light, maintaining ITS multi-degree of freedom torsional vibrational pattern.
  • In this respect, the torsional vibration that occurs via spinning back and forth of the quanta of energy about an infinite series of vectors referred to as the ‘cosmological vectors of time’ [5], preserves ITS initial multi-degree of freedom torsional vibration, but in an expanded manner.
  • In this respect, a cosmological vector of time depicts a vector that connects a quanta of energy to the SOURCE at the center.
  • Thus, the Cosmos is spherical in morphology [6].
  • Furthermore, it expands and contracts about ITSELF resembling the pulsation of our own hearts.
  • This is probably one reason that it is commonly said: “God created us in ITS own image.”
  • Through a process of progressive congealment [7], a relatively small amount of Consciousness Quanta of energy convert to Constitutive Quanta causing a drop in their energetics as well as frequency of vibration [8].
  • Such congealed Constitutive Quanta eventually form DISCRETE energetic contours referred to as the space-time dimensions of time or consciousness within the Cosmos, with the Constitutive Quanta serving as their fabric to which the Consciousness Quanta anchor themselves via a scaffolding mechanism [9].
  • In this respect, the radial vector of the cosmological time not only defines the curvatures of such space-times or energetic contours known as dimensions of Cosmos, it also epitomizes a concept that has to do with spinning-rotation about the SOURCE [10].
  • A plane of spin may be envisioned as to have been caused by the spinning of the quanta of energy about the cosmological vector of the moment of time.
  • And, it is clear the that the full spherical domain of a dimension, and indeed, the full spherical edifice of the Cosmos can be formed via rotating a cosmological moment vector of time about the central SOURCE [11].
  • Note that a particular spin plane formed via the spin of the quanta of energy about a cosmological vector of the moment of time, depicts a ‘facet’ of a spherical Cosmos in much the same way as one would see the facets or ‘tables’ of the structure of a diamond.
  • Such a spin plane may be defined via two mutually independent-perpendicular axes that may be envisioned to rotate about the SOURCE to form the spherical edifice of the Cosmos.
  • Alternatively, the same scenario is obtained if we envision that the cosmological vector of moment of time defining a particular spin plane rotates about the SOURCE within a plane referred to as the ‘transversal plane.’
  • This transversal plane obviously contains the central SOURCE, which may be defined through a perpendicular unit vector to it that forms the 3rd coordinate unit vector mutually perpendicular to the last two that define a particular spin plane.
  • In any case, the Cosmos may be envisioned to be comprised of ‘mainly’ Consciousness Quanta of energy that ‘free flow’ in time in the Void (referred to as the ‘innerspace’ that defines the pure domain or realm of time) [12-13], and a series of spherical surfaces that epitomize individual space-times or dimensions of time-consciousness that are DISCRETELY dispersed in the Void and are filled with the Constitutive Quanta of energy as their fabric [14].
  • Since, the Consciousness Quanta of energy are defined by a vibrational kinetics and waves of energy that propagate in the innerspace (the Void) via the advent of time, such innerspace define the ‘Neural Network’ of the Prime Creator that pulsate in time.
  • And, since such pulses cannot get retarded via the presence of any constitution (congealed Constitutive Quanta), the communication occurs hyper fast with an unimaginable speed.
  • Note that the author has, indeed, stressed the important effect of Constitutive Quanta of energy in ‘retarding’ the extend of the Consciousness [15].
  • First of all, the Constitutive Quanta are formed as a result of conversion or congealment of the Consciousness Quanta of energy that has the effect of diminishing the overall energy of the Consciousness Quanta.
  • Secondly, the act of congealment reduces the frequency or the speed of spinning of the quanta of energy, be it the free flowing sentient Consciousness Quanta or the congealed non-sentient Constitutive Quanta of energy.
  • And, it is clear that as verified by the Planck’s equation, the extent of energy is directly proportional to the frequency of the free flowing waveform of Consciousness Quanta, or the magnitude of the spinning velocity of congealed or particulate Constitutive Quanta of energy [16].
  • Thus, within the innerspace, as the Constitutive Quanta are absent, there can be no retardation of the speed of torsional movement (a tunneling or drilling phenomenon).
  • Thus, any communication occurs instantaneously at such hyper speeds.
  • This is what is referred to as ‘hyper communication.’
  • Also the associated energetic waves are referred to as the ‘torsional waves’ [17].
  • In essence, here, communication occurs in the eternal ABSOLUTE NOW moment as it did, when the Prime Creator as the initial God-SOURCE occupied a single point in the Void [18].
  • This means, instantaneous communication occurs void of any time or time delay, whatsoever.
  • Thus, travelling through the innerspace or the Void without any interruptions that would otherwise be caused by encountering or the presence of any congealed or Constitutive Quanta, preserves the quality of the Prime Creator being Omnipresent, meaning IT is EVERYWHERE at ALL TIMES.
  • In this respect, the innerspace or the Void system represents the ‘Neural Network of God.’
  • Also note, that essentially, the Prime Creator is in every one of us.
  • And, at the same time, we exist within the body of the Prime Creator (the Cosmos), and there is absolutely no ambiguity with regard to such an statement.
  • Furthermore, the God-SOURCE, in essence, operates as a fountain of energy, constantly disseminating ITS Consciousness Quanta of energy via light everywhere within the Cosmos, making the Cosmos an open energetic system [19].
  • It operates through the Trinity Principle that entails splitting the NEUTRAL Consciousness Quanta of energy into their Expansive (‘Electric’ or ‘Male’) and Contractive (‘Magnetic’ or ‘Female’) constituents [20-21].
  • Thus, the Expansive Quanta are projected out into the Void, and then the Contractive Quanta of energy contract back to the SOURCE.
  • And again, Expansive Quanta are reformed and projected out into the Cosmos.
  • Thus, practically, a vibrational kinetic becomes operational that resembles the palpitation of a heart or an exhaling (breathing out)-inhaling (breathing in) process.
  • And, this defines life [22].
  • Thus, life is dynamic that operates through a kinetic energy that gets processed via the advent of cosmological time.
  • And, what is important in such a moment of time is its speed of progression that is referred to as ‘frequency.’
  • Thus, depending on the extent of frequency of vibration, one can classify the DISCRETE dimensions of time.
  • Recall, again, that as it is transparent through Planck’s Energy-frequency equation, energy is dependent on the frequency.
  • And, consciousness is nothing but (intelligent, crystalline, coherent) energy.
  • Thus, dimensions of time are synonymous with the dimensions of consciousness, and the terminologies can be used interchangeably that both define the dimensions of the Cosmos.
  • Besides, the ‘Cosmological Law of Frequential Resonance’ [23] or ‘Cosmological Law of Frequential Dimensional Shift’ [24] or simply the Principle of Resonance says that a sentient being [25] comprised of consciousness quanta of energy can anchor its consciousness to a particular dimension of Cosmos only when its frequency of consciousness matches the frequency or the magnitude of the spinning velocity of the fabric (Constitutive Quanta) of that dimension.
  • Thus, there should be no ambiguity when one speaks of the (threshold) frequency of a dimension or the natural frequency of a sentient being that is anchored there [26].
  • Note that a Prime Creator is composed of seemingly infinite number of sentient beings that function as ITS offspring or consciousness generating co-creators.
  • Such sentient beings are conscious beings that may be defined at the individual level, or planetary, galactic, universal, superuniversal levels, etc.
  • In particular, the Earth is itself a 3rd dimensional sentient being.
  • At the same time, its body is comprised of Omni Earths that epitomize a series of Earths [27] that occupy the same space and even have the same cosmological frequency of spin, yet either ‘lead’ or ‘lag’ one another in their pattern of spin.
  • This introduces a difference of a ‘phase angles’ existing among them [28].
  • Such a difference in phase angle gives rise to a set of concentric Earths that run at a slight difference in ‘local’ time relative with respect to one another.
  • This creates a perturbation in their vibrational configuration and gives the illusion that each Earth is running at a different ‘apparent frequency,’ instigated by the virtue of their lagging or leading one another in their spinning.
  • These are, of course, called parallel dimensions [29].


  • Thus, a soul that is a sentient or a conscious entity may have its consciousness fragmented via distributing its Consciousness Quanta to other parallel dimensions on different Omni Earths or even different 3rd dimensional planets within the 3rd dimensional parallel dimensional planetary system.
  • This system is referred to s the 1st Harmonic Universe of the physical Nebadon Universe in which we thrive in [30].
  • In fact, there are 12 such different Personalities also referred to as Soul Aspects of each and every one of us [31].
  • And, although the integral Soul Expression is, strictly speaking, a 5th dimensional being, it experiences life through its 12 different Personalities or its Soul Aspects, scattered all over the 3rd dimensions of the parallels.
  • The 4th and 5th and 6th d dimensions form the 2nd Harmonic Universe of our Nebadon Universe [32].
  • Similarly, there are 12 individuated Soul Expressions that are part of the same consciousness unit or entity that is referred to as the Oversoul or the Monad that thrives in a corporeal state within the 3rd Harmonic Universe of the Nebadon Physical Universe [33].
  • This Oversoul or Monad represents the original seed of consciousness that was planted by the Founders of the Nebadon Universe that are of pure light and exist in non-corporeal form, not even directly interfacing with the World of Matter that are referred to as the Rishis.
  • An Oversoul (Monad) experiences life through its 12 individuated Soul Expressions that each thrive in the 2nd Harmonic Universe.
  • Each individual sentient being is given the task of experiencing different sojourns of life in the form of distinct programs of reality [34] as to learn and attain spiritual education, leading to its consciousness expansion [35].
  • Recall that as offspring of the Prime Creator, we are all consciousness generators endowed with the gift of co-creation to assist the Prime Creator who expresses ITSELF through all of us.
  • Thus, even the Oversouls are expected to expand their consciousness via attaining an upshift in their frequency of consciousness so they can evolve and advance to the non-corporeal state of an Avatar being thriving in the 4th Harmonic Universe of our Nebadon Universe.
  • Such Avatars are among the Guardians of this Universe that assist their lower aspects and expression, and indeed, all sentient beings thriving in the lower Harmonic Universes (1-3) and even assist those other Avatars thriving in the 4th Harmonic Universe with them with their spiritual quests and educations.
  • The Avatar Guardians often work closely with the Rishi Founders of the 5th Harmonic Universe.
  • Beyond the 5th Harmonic Universe, a sentient being exists as a pure light being without a corporeal state or even a need to interface with matter, and beyond this stage it can progressively further increase its frequency to contract more towards the SOURCE.
  • Many, however, return back to physicality to complete another round of physical sojourn as Ascended Masters and being a beacon of light, a spiritual leader, and such, guiding its fellow sentient beings.
  • Note that there are such more massive or gigantic sentient light beings in physical form other than human beings or other bipedal and other forms of life.
  • These refer to planetary, solar, galactic entities and such.
  • Each one is considered as Oversoul of all who have anchored their consciousness to their planetary or physical bodies.

The System of Twin Universes

  • A good example of gigantic sentient being is a universal being.
  • Note that ALL sentient being and forms of life are interconnected [36].
  • For example, all universes are connected to one another through a series of black-white holes.
  • And, not unlike our very own beings, these celestial or physical bodies pulsate as we do.
  • In fact, the very beatings of our own hearts are quantumly entangled [37] with the pulse of our own system of conjugate universes [38].
  • These conjugate universes mirror one another in terms of their fabrics of space-times running in opposite times.
  • So, although they occupy the very same space, the fabric of one universe is made of matter, and the other, of antimatter, which spin in an antiphase manner (1800 difference of spin angle about the SOURCE) that occurs simultaneously together [39].
  • Each universe is comprised of a series of black and white holes.
  • For example, our World of Matter is composed of a series of black holes that attract all the stale matter and energy in their wake.
  • When this occurs, the wake spins clockwise carrying the collected matter energy down a spiral.
  • But, contrary, to the bafflement or contention of our mainstream scientist, these black holes are not just a series of bottomless pits that discard the energies of matter into the oblivion.
  • At the periphery or bottom of these black holes there exist a series of infinitesimal white holes.
  • And, the function of these white holes is that they take the stale energies of matter from the black holes and revitalize them into the energy of antimatter and release them back to the space, which now serve as the fabric of the other conjugate universe mirroring our own (our twin universe) [40].
  • Note that the antimatter particles very much exist within the same space as we occupy as the ‘physical’ residents of the matter, but they cannot interact with ours or any other particles of matter in our universe as they run or spin in an opposite time direction.
  • This means, they never encounter or meet one another.
  • Thus, billions of the particles of antimatter commonly and routinely pass through us and through everything else, yet they do not disturb the nuclei of our atoms or anything else’s.
  • This means, since the particles of matter and the antiparticles of antimatter run in opposite time, they exist in two separate space-time dimensions.
  • So these quanta of energy never encounter each other, making them stealth to one another.
  • It is like being on two sides of the same coin.
  • More specifically, in the case of matter particles, they may be envisioned to occupy the top or the outside surface of the space-time.
  • In contrast, in the case of antimatter antiparticles, they may be visualized as to occupy the bottom or the inner surface of the contours of the same space, yet residing in a conjugate or mirrored space-time dimension.
  • This creates a form of particle-duality for the quanta of energy [41] that may be envisaged as to sequentially interconvert from matter to antimatter, and vice versa, as a sentient being sequentially and periodically anchor its consciousness to the opposite sides of the coin so-to-speak, quantumly vibrate in opposite times [42].
  • Or, more specifically and clearly, a sentient being sequentially and periodically anchor its consciousness to first, say, the concave (upper, outside, or top) surface of the space, and then jumps to the convex (lower, inner, or bottom) surface of the space, quantumly vibrating in opposite times [43].
  • In this regard, one is perceived as the World of Matter that can be regarded as ‘physical’ (from our perspective anyway), and the other, the World of Antimatter, may be perceived as ‘ethereal’ (again to us) [44-45].
  • Of course, the scenario is reversed for our conjugate or ‘twin’ universe that occupies the same space as ours but runs in opposite time.
  • And, between the two conjugate space-times, resides the zero-point energy.
  • Here, it may be perceived that one conjugate space-time (e.g., World of Matter) collapses before the next one mirrored to it (say, World of Antimatter) appears, and vice versa.
  • Note that the zero-point represents the innerspace or the Void in which no space-time exists.
  • It is the in-between state where the magnitude of energy, referred to as the ‘Free Energy,’ is colossal, corresponding to the energy of the God-SOURCE.
  • Through such a junction, the conjugate space-times referred to as the ‘Twin Universes,’ provide yet another example for the Dualism Principle of Creation [46], constantly exchanging energies with one another, forming an open source of energetic system.
  • Thus, to summarize the process:
  • The stale energies of matter are gathered by the black holes into a wake that gravitates or spins clockwise, directing the matter and energy to its periphery and the bottom.
  • These stale forms of energy of matter are diverted to a series of infinitesimal while holes that are akin the porous structure of our own lungs.
  • These stale energies are refined and revitalized by the white holes that serve as a filtering mechanism that operate through first bringing down the spinning quanta of energy and a state of halt.
  • This process stores a colossal amount of energy provided by the kinetic energy of the quanta of energy.
  • After the filtering process, the quanta of energy are reaccelerated into a spin in the opposite direction than received, and are then released back to the space as revitalized energy.
  • As the quanta of energy now spin counterclockwise to what they did before, they represent antimatter.
  • As a result of filtration through the central medium of the zero-point energy, as well as a result of a reversal in their spin pattern, they are released to the same space, yet progressing (spinning) in opposition to their direction before.
  • Thus, they form the fabric of the space-time of the conjugate or mirrored space-time (a ‘Twin Universe’).
  • Although the quanta of energy of the antimatter thus produced practically occupy the same space, they never meet or interact with the remaining nuclei of the constitutive Quanta of matter in the first universe.
  • Thus, the antimatter antiparticles are stealth to the particles of matter in such a way that billions of them can pass through matter (such as our bodies), yet remain utterly undetected.
  • This is analogous to considering that the quanta of the energy of matter that initially occupied the concave spherical surface of the space (the top or outer surface epitomizing the ‘World Above’ or the ‘Outer World’), now cross the central filtering system epitomizing a ‘neutral’ zero-point energy domain, and reach the other side and now occupy the convex spherical surface of the space (the bottom or inner surface referred to as the ‘World Below’ or the ‘Inner World’).
  • Since the process of matter to antimatter conversion entails a two-step process of first decelerating the clockwise rotational spin of the quanta of energy of matter, and then re-accelerating them to the same speed of the counterclockwise quanta of energy of antimatter (from our perspective), essentially the frequency of the quanta of energy is doubled when they convert from the matter to the antimatter status [47].
  • Another way to understand this is that when the quanta of energy find their way to the convex side of the energetic contour of the space, they show the propensity of being more easily accelerated or gravitated towards the SOURCE.
  • Conversely, when the quanta of energy start by being on the concave side of the energetic contour of the space, they have the tendency to have difficulty accelerating or gravitating towards the SOURCE due to their inherent escape velocity caused by the Coriolis Effect [48].
  • Counterclockwise spinning, which is the natural direction of the spinning of the quanta of the particulate energy of matter, induces an expansive effect away from the SOURCE, while clockwise spinning, which is the natural direction of the spinning of the quanta of the antiparticles of the energy of antimatter, induces a gravitational or contractive effect towards the SOURCE.
  • Note that with regard to the Twin Universe comprised of a conjugate or mirrored constitutive fabric to that of the World of matter, everything happens in a similar, yet opposite or reverse way.
  • Thus, here, the stale energies of antimatter are collected and refined and revitalized and released into space through a similar filtering process, forming the fabric of the World of matter, which effectively epitomizes migrating from the convex to the concave side of the space.
  • In this respect, the resulting revitalized energy of matter cannot interact with the nuclei of the antiparticles of the energy of antimatter indigenous to the Twin Universe, and thus, remain stealth to them.
  • Furthermore, the process entails a reduction in the speed of rotation or the frequency of the initial antiparticles matter by half when they convert to particles of matter occupying the first universe (World of Matter).
  • Again, it is prudent to always remember the fact that what appears clockwise in one conjugate space time, appears counterclockwise to its conjugate or ‘mirrored’ counterpart.
  • This is synonymous with visualizing, essentially, what appears as two sides of the same coin.
  • In essence, both represent the same exact thing, only observed from an opposite perspective.
  • Note that the conversion of matter to antimatter and vice versa constitutes a breathing process.
  • Furthermore, it sets out the pulse rate of the Universe that tells you how fast such a cyclic process can be completed.
  • In fact, the wavelength of the vibrational wave profile associated with interconversion of the matter and antimatter back and forth may be closely approximated by Planck’s constant of 10-43 earthly second [49-50].
  • This sets the pulse rate that describes the scheme of quantum consciousness of our Universe.
  • And, in turn, through the principle of quantum entanglement [51], each and every sentient being undergoing an exhalation-inhalation process setting their pulse rate or the beating of their heart are entangled to the mechanism of the quantum consciousness of our Universe [52].
  • In essence, we all thrive as constituent parts of the Prime Creator governed by a system of hologram-within-hologram [53] in which we are part of a higher sentient being who, in turn, is part of a higher sentient being, and so on and so forth, until we end up with the very God-SOURCE or the Prime Creator.
  • And, examples of such a process includes Soul Aspects that as fragmented consciousness of a Soul Expression are in turn, part of a bigger consciousness being referred to as the Oversoul who is part of an Avatar who ends up as a part of a Rishi with regard to a the physical universal system of Nebadon [54].
  • And, this is only the tip of the iceberg, in which countless universes give rise to a higher celestial forms that eventually define the concept of superuniverses.
  • And, it is envisioned that there are at least “7 such Superuniverses” that each contain “100,000 universes” (according to the Book of Urantia).
  • This, together with another intricate system of “perfect universes” or “perfected universes” that closely spin about the “Isle of Paradise,” eventually ends up with the God-SOURCE, residing within the center of such intricate spherical structure that we call Cosmos or the body of the prime Creator.

The Tree of Life

  • If you want to understand the nature of your existence better, visualize yourself as being a constituent part of what may be described as the Tree of Life.
  • In this respect, you epitomize being akin to a ‘leaf’ that is connected to a branch that is, in turn, supported by other branches, that in turn, are supported by a main ‘trunk,’ that is connected by a ‘root system’ that initially sprouted from the source of origin, the ‘seed of life,’ that is referred to as the God-SOURCE [55].
  • In this respect, via connection to your roots, not only you are perpetually supported by the progenitor source of your consciousness God-SOURCE, you also have stability, and receive nutrition via light in a form of ‘free energy,’ as long as you remain connected to the SOURCE.
  • Meanwhile, you, yourself, as a constituent part of the WHOLE, which exists as the Tree of Life, you are alive, you animate, you vibrate [56-57] in what is called cosmological time, and you are capable of further growth and consciousness expansion [58].
  • And, what is interesting is that you do not just exist as a machine part, in an artificial sense.
  • Your have an organic, natural quality, in a very unique sense.
  • Furthermore, you are free to explore, to grow as a part of a branch of the Tree of Life.
  • In this respect, you are endowed with the gift of Free Will and self-sovereignty.
  • The source of your consciousness nourishment, which manifests as light, gives you the propensity to think and feel and be conscious and self-aware, and thus, provides the means for you to grow as long as you stay in light [59].
  • In this respect, your life system is, indeed, akin to a plant or a tree.
  • You were endowed with a ‘seed of consciousness’ as to be able to germinate and sprout out from a stable branch of the Tree of Life.
  • This seed was planted at the outskirt of the Cosmos that epitomizes the body of the Prime Creator within its structure of the Tree of Life to sprout and form a new branch of life on its own.
  • The way the Tree of Life is a structure that is comprised of a main truck and large stable branches from which other smaller branches sprout out and form new forms of life.
  • Everything and ALL are connected to one another.
  • And, this scheme of branch sprouting out from older, more stable branches, form a type of a ‘hologram-within-hologram,’ in which, everything is part of a bigger, more stable thing, going all the way back to the God-SOURCE and the original progenitor of the ALL.
  • As long as you remain connected to the God-SOURCE, the original sprouting seed and the root of it all, and as long as you manage to stay in the light, you are provided with free nourishment in the form of energy of consciousness and life that comes all the way from the God-SOURCE who epitomize an infinite spring and source of consciousness, light, and life.
  • Should you choose to sever yourself from the Tree of Life, or venture too much into the dark and the abyss, which as a way of too much and too far isolation deprives you from the light that maintains your consciousness and life [60], you can decay, wither, and eventually die [61].
  • This way, you deprive yourself from the benefit of being effectively connected to an open source of consciousness energy and life [62].
  • And, as you become disconnected and deprived from the stability, nutrition, guidance, and support that the Tree of Life is able to naturally, readily, and spontaneously, unidirectionally, and irreversibly offer, you become a form of a closed energetic system to yourself.
  • Under such a condition, there is always tendency to disorder or entropy [63].
  • Thus, your reserved energetic system is prone to self-decay and self-destruction, if it cannot receive vital new energy provided by being part of the open source of energy [64].
  • This is the fundamental principle behind the ‘Law of Positive Entropy Production Rate,’ which closely mimics the second law of thermodynamics [65].
  • As a result of not being able to receive new vital energies, you soon begin to self-consume your reserved energy and eventually decay beyond measures and die.
  • This occurs when you as a leaf that once was connected to the Tree of Life, ‘fall’ off your branch and begin undergoing a state or a form of suspended animation.
  • Meanwhile, you are subjected to the entropic energies that naturally occur, often as a prolog to regeneration in which the old and the stale gives way to the new through the process of revitalization and regeneration.
  • And, revitalization and regeneration can only happen if the system of life, by being a part of the aforementioned open energetic system, is replenished with new revitalizing energies.
  • Otherwise, entropic energies set the stage for decay, self-destruction and eventually, total annihilation.
  • On the other hand, the revitalizing energy while being connected to the open energetic system effect syntropy that not only nullifies the destructive effect of entropic energies, it provides the system with unbounded free energies to further grow in consciousness and life.
  • This fact is articulated through a proposed new cosmological law by the author referred to as the ‘Cosmological Law of Positive Syntropy Production Rate,’ or alternatively, the natural ‘Cosmological Law of Consciousness expansion’ [66].
  • To visualize the concept of Tree of Life better, consider a scenario that the Tree of Life constantly grows to create the new and sprout out life.
  • This is how new planets are formed, while the unstable ones go supernova and culminate in recirculation of entropic energy into new syntropic type.
  • The outer branches of the Tree of Life form the basis for physicality.
  • The quanta of energy have a natural disposition to congeal from their initial stage of full free flow.
  • This converts the Consciousness Quanta to Constitutive Quanta of energy.
  • And, the process of congealment and the conversion of the Consciousness to Constitutive Quanta of energy intensifies with the loss of propinquity from the SOURCE [67].
  • The Cosmos comprised of the Tree of Life is composed of a nested dimensional structure [68-70] in which as you go away from the root and the God-SOURCE, the extent of consciousness diminishes, giving rise to more congealed constitution.
  • As a result, as one moves away from the SOURCE within the structure of the Tree of Life, actually its dimensional structure become more and more congealed.
  • In this respect, at the very outer edges of the Cosmos or the very outer branches of the Tree of Life, which correspond to dimensions 1-12, the Constitutive Quanta forming the fabric of the outer dimensions become progressively so congealed that they practically get bonded together to form the basis for physicality in which a corporeal form may be created.
  • A corporeal form gets even more condensed as we approach the most outer branches of the Tree of Life (dimensions 1-3) referred to as the First Harmonic Universe.
  • The seed of consciousness for human beings was initially planted within a corporeal form in the 5th dimension within the Second Harmonic Universe (dimensions 4-6] to give it the chance to be able to grow inward and expand in consciousness.
  • This is to firstly evolve as to form a less dense corporeal form in the Third Harmonic Universe (dimensions 7-9), and then graduate to acquire the Avatar free form in the Fourth Harmonic Universe of the physical system (dimensions 10-12), even may be serve in a capacity as a Guardian of our universe.
  • Note that within the more inner dimensions 13-14 (the Fifth Harmonic Universe), the original Rishi Founders of our physical universe (referred to as the Nebadon Universe) reside.
  • The Founders are the co-creator offspring of the original God-SOURCE who are, as light beings, in essence, much like us, but of pure light essence who possess a much higher frequency of consciousness.
  • And, as you go more into inner (higher) dimensions, you find pure beings of light, yet depending on their light quotient-frequency of consciousness, these beings are progressively anchored at higher dimensions of consciousness, going all the way to the God-SOURCE and the root of it all.
  • Note that the higher (inner) dimensional structure function as nodes or neurons within the ‘Neural Network of God,’ that intercommunicate all together, keeping the WHOLE system of the Tree of Life interconnected in terms of life and consciousness.

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