The concept of karma has been discussed from a seat of higher consciousness that is above the mundane stance presented within the matrix of 3-D earth. It is explained that the originally intended hologram of 3-D earth has been manipulated and controlled by a horde of soul-less synthetic beings who happen to reside in the 4th dimension. The resulting program is referred to as the ‘matrix.’ It is explicated that the true meaning of karma is quite distinct from what is programmed in the ‘matrix,’ which is synonymous with debt that needs to be settled upon physical death via reincarnating back into the matrix. It is elucidated that karma is a natural consequence of ‘life’ as a result of vibration about an equilibrium position that is free of karma. This state represents the condition that has a predisposition for expanded consciousness. The phenomenon of karma has been illustrated through a soul being modeled as a linear elastic spring that deflects from this static equilibrium position through a vibrational motion, while being attached to the SOURCE. It is said that ‘resistance to karma’ can be expressed as the spring constant known as ‘stiffness,’ which is defined as a karmic resistance force per unit deflection from the SOURCE. Since resistance to karma is tantamount with the phenomenon of consciousness expansion, the spring constant [stiffness] is termed as the ‘coefficient of  consciousness expansibility’ by the author in previous publications [1-2]. It is clarified that 3-D life sojourns are intended to be a linear phenomenon that mandates that the deflection of the soul from the SOURCE must be an infinitesimal occurrence, which excludes multiple or consistent accumulation of karma within the soul. Otherwise, accumulation of persistent karma will give rise to ‘finite’ deflection from SOURCE that may challenge the linear integrity of the soul to effectively withstand the inertia potency of the soul. Under such circumstances, the elastic karmic energy stored within the soul may not be recoverable, giving rise to non-linear damage and eventual destruction of the soul. This is the situation that the bible refers to as the “falling of an angel,” which describes a condition that the soul, being completely detached from the SOURCE, is no longer able to sustain itself via benefiting from divine energies that flow and serve to set the soul in inertia [vibration] in the first place. This depicts death and destruction of the soul, unless it resorts to parasitic act of feeding upon other divine beings. It is clarified that this, indeed, is the status quo on this Omni Earth, being run or controlled by such soul-less vampiric beings. It is concluded that although it has been most educational to repeatedly reincarnate on this Omni Earth, the time has now come to graduate from this school of hard knocks by exiting the matrix and remember to never reincarnate here again upon physical “death.” Finally, it is elucidated that the allowance of Omni Earth to continue under such dreadful environment of bondage has probably been ‘purposeful’ because it has provided such a rigorous curriculum for training masters adept in the art of consciousness like no other.         

The Purpose of Life

  • Mankind, know that you are a constituent part of the God, the Mighty Prime Creator.
  • You initially existed in what may be described as a particulate form, a constituent part of the WHOLE that is perfect, with crystalline order, most wise, with infinite degree of consciousness, existing and energizing a ‘field’ that can be referred to as the field of ‘unconditional love.’
  • Thus, you are perfect in essence and potentials, and as a “chip off the old block,” you have the same pedigree for omnipotence, creatorship, benevolence, compassion, and unconditional love.
  • You were given the freedom of spirit in order to employ the gift of your ‘Free Will’ to experiment, experience, ‘feel,’ decipher, and to learn from the sojourns of ‘life,’ in order to get a first-hand account of ALL THAT THERE IS and ALL THAT CAN BE.
  • You were endowed with the gift of autonomy through consciousness to gain ‘real time’ individualized lifetime experiences in order to comprehend and appreciate ALL THAT THERE IS from the fundamental seat of understanding and discernment in order to truly enlighten your SELF.
  • And, the ultimate goal for you is to expand your initial gift of consciousness as well as help other fellow spirits to do the same.
  • This way, the conscious cosmos will always thrive with longevity and stability, constantly adding to its precise crystalline ‘order’ through a phenomenon that can be referred to as ‘entropy production’ in a positive way.
  • Therefore, the mandate of acquiring consciousness expansion through ensuring a positive entropy production rate constitutes the most fundamental LAW for your existence as a free, autonomous entity [3].
  • Furthermore, having inherited the omnipotent gift of creatorship from the Prime Creator it is incumbent upon you to improvise and produce by way of new design, generation, and manifested construction in order to add to the already Akashic Records of All THAT THERE IS not only to disseminate, but to perpetuate new enterprises manifesting novel edifices that would complement the vast repertoire of ALL THAT EXISTS.
  • And, you are inherently endowed with the gift of predisposition and aspiration to strive for such creativity, ultimately culminating in self-contentment and pleasure as you progress and succeed in such endeavors.
  • Alas, recall that the Will Power, which is the driving impetus for it all is also a double-edge sword.
  • On one side it ‘cuts’ and ‘slices’ through via ambitions or objectives in order to shape and design to outreach a creative outcome, and in this respect, it is productive and beneficial.
  • On the other hand, too much engagement of the active mind via disjointed use of Will Power that may be inundated by doubt or dis-allowance of the natural inclination of the creative spirit can ultimately be recessive or destructive, leading to either existence in ‘suspended animation’ or utter unproductivity and displeasure.

The Concept of Karma

  • Consider karma as a line of credit.
  • You borrow so sometimes you will pay back in good faith.
  • There is no “balloon” that is becoming immediately due that you have to “settle” your account at the time of your physical “death.”
  • In other words, there is no “judgment day” and there is no “hell” or prison [4].
  • The only hell that may exist for you is what you create for yourself.
  • By borrowing more and more you create more debt for yourself that eventually needs to be paid back.
  • Recall the vibrational model of an animating soul as proposed by Sarfarazi [1].Antimatter-spring model of a soul
  • In this model a soul is depicted by an elastic spring that can deflect ‘freely’ away from the SOURCE of God during each half cycle of oscillation representing the vibration of the soul.Vibration about mean position
  • As the karmic deflection of the spring produces more and more stretch in this model of a karmic soul, it needs to relieve its stored elastic energy by contracting back to the SOURCE.tensile stretching
  • And, the larger is the deflection of the soul [its amplitude of vacillation], the more elastic energy needs to be compensated to return the soul to its equilibrium position.
  • As it turns out, the soul is pre-designed with a modicum of resilience to regain its status of stability.compressive contraction
  • And, the Prime Creator is completely tolerant and, in fact, non-interfering.
  • It is incumbent on the soul to experiment and discern what it needs to do to achieve this.
  • The remedy is to expand its consciousness via the very same mechanism of experimentation and learning to come to the conscious awakening and the ‘revelation’ that compassion is the key factor for the soul to be able to recover its ‘losses’ as to become ‘debt-free.’
  • And, the Prime Creator has also provided for such ‘cure’ via two distinct venues: gene of compassion and the field of unconditional love [5].
  • In the relatively lower consciousness realms of the 3rd to 7th dimension, as the soul is commonly embedded in a physical body, it is constrained by the same shell or cage that contains the soul.
  • And, the body is governed by its genetic makeup that serves as a storage library containing all the codes of conduct that it needs to utilize as a point of reference in order to decipher ALL THAT CAN BE.
  • In this regard, mankind and other similar sentient souls are endowed with the gene of compassion that needs to be revitalized in order to recover from atrophy and emerge from slumber through recrystallization.
  • Once the gene of compassion is reactivated, resolution of the matter of karma is practically at hand.
  • All the soul needs to regain its freedom from the burden of karma is a resolute intent and perseverance to continue to the next step.
  • And, this brings up the second venue aforementioned, which is access to the field of unconditional love.
  • Again, as it was indicated before, the Prime Creator has graciously and adeptly provided for the field of unconditional love that floods the entire cosmos [5].
  • However, its access requires ‘allowance’ and faith as opposed to predisposition to doubt or futile engagement with self-importance or “needs.”
  • The latter is commonly arises due to the decree of ego leading to further separation from the field of unconditional love.
  • And, indeed it is the unconditional love that transmutes all maladies such as fear, greed, false pride, etc.
  • In contrast, it is unconditional love that incites true self-aspiration and energetic drive for creationism as well as resolution.
  • All one needs to do is to ‘allow’ this field of attraction to take its course in order for the soul to be congruent to harmoniously vibrate within the field of unconditional love.
  • Know that karma as a phenomenon was only designed to keep you at bay as you vacillate in order to learn.
  • The infinitesimal deflection of the spring model depicts a mechanism for experimentation and gaining experience.infinitesimal deflection
  • And, one learns just as much [or more] from mistakes as one does from ‘dead on’ and optimized endeavors.
  • However, ‘infinitesimal’ deflection reflects ‘linearity,’ that can be easily corrected in a differential manner.
  • Karma was not meant to be used a never-depleting reservoir or a ‘line of credit’ that could be abused culminating in large or ‘finite’ deflection of the soul, thus leading to its degradation and eventual loss of its structural integrity.
  • “For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction,” as was eloquently put by Isaac Newton.
  • Therefore, a negative or an erroneous endeavor of the soul must be corrected or compensated by a ‘good deed’ in order to safeguard against accumulation and pile up of karma.

The Mechanics Model for Karma

  • In the antimatter [denoted as m] – spring [constant denoted as k] model of a free sentient soul, the soul resilience f [flexibility to deflect or accumulate karma] is portrayed by the inverse of a parameter called spring ‘stiffness’ constant k [1-2].
  • Thus:

f = 1/k

  • The spring resists the deflection action of the soul from the SOURCE.
  • The spring constant k, therefore, may be defined as the spring force [resisting karma], Fk per unit deflection from the SOURCE, x(t).
  • Where x(t) denotes the vibrational response [deflection], which is a function of time, t.
  • Thus:

Constant k = Fk / x(t)

  • As the soul deflects from the SOURCE, the spring resists the deflective [karmic] action of the soul.
  • Therefore, the spring constant k defines reaction against accumulation of karma, and is thus, a karmic resistance constant of a sort.
  • The karmic resistance force may alternatively be considered as a force that overcomes the inertia [dynamic or vibrational] force of the soul that is given by the expression m d2x (t) /dt2 (antimatter multiplied by accretion)], thus:

k x(t) = – m d2x (t) /dt2

  • Note while resilience [or flexibility] describes the propensity for karma, its opposite, ‘stiffness’ defines its lack of predisposition to accumulate karma, i.e., it resists karma.
  • A soul may be expected to expand its consciousness when it is without any concern to relieve karma.
  • Thus, the constant k that depicts karmic resistance may also be considered as a parameter that defines the consciousness expansibility of the soul.
  • The author has appropriately referred to the constant k as the ‘coefficient of consciousness expansibility’ of the soul.
  • As, clearly, the less karma the more propensity is for consciousness expansion.

The Parasitic Race that Control us

  • As it stands on the planet earth, the concept of karma is over-rated or exaggerated as to serve parasitic, vampiric, entities who are deprived from benefiting from the divine conscious energies of the sun in order to replenish their souls to vibrate in ‘time.’
  • Instead, they prey on angelic earth humans who are controlled to trust that they have always not fulfilled their ‘soul contracts’ in their previous life, thus accumulating further debt and karma that needs to be paid back immediately.
  • Therefore, they encourage such souls [or their ‘aspects’] to immediately reincarnate back on this earth and ‘try again’ to resolve their karma with a new ‘contract’ that now entails carrying more debt/karma.
  • Thus, the vicious cycle of reincarnation continues on and on.
  • Note that as parasitic beings these soul-less creatures depend on feeding upon our divine energies.
  • Thus, each of us has become another prey, a food source, in this University of Duality that has actually been turned into a production farm, always providing a seemingly endless spring for supplying nourishment for sustaining their futile existence.
  • And, they indeed, control the very matrix that we have been trapped in.
  • Many millennia ago, they fought and won this planet as a ‘kept’ territory in the outer space.
  • They have confined us in a box, an artificial matrix, which is run through a software inundated with misinformation and disinformation.
  • They have made us believe that “we are alone” in all this infinite cosmos, the Nebadon Universe, and our own vast Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Inciting fear and doubt are the instruments commonly employed as imposed frequencies in this contaminated matrix that we perceive as our reality.
  • We are steered to believe that each of us has nothing beyond the very shell that contains us in this narrow domain of physicality that we perceive as this Omni Earth.
  • Our angelic side, and the nature of our existence but as a small constituent part of our HIGHERSELF residing outside ‘the Matrix,’ has been carefully cloaked and deemed stealth from detection by our senses.
  • We are led to believe that we are but a mere step beyond apes on this planet in our evolution, and that we are a freak of nature in terms of existence in this seemingly endless universe.
  • At the same time, we are fed with the disillusion that we are ALL THERE IS.
  • Even all the countless accounts of documented alien contacts, alien abductions, and such are carefully censored from our faculties through outright denial and even attempt for invalidation.
  • And, in recent times, when humanity has embarked on deciphering its ancient earth history, they have been actively destroying, hiding, or disallowing access to the very archaeological sites, buried or not, which serve as testimonials to all the ‘lies’ we have been fed with in the past.


  • Note that the concept of karma and its recovery was pre-designed to keep the soul at bay always returning to the SOURCE.tension-compression
  • This serves the purpose of the soul being ever capable of readily accessing the pool of conscious knowledge and the myriad of ‘help’ it provides to motivate and to serve as a template for productive and creational endeavors.
  • This is why each of us vibrate as a soul [together with its constituents, ‘soul aspects’] that has an attachment to the SOURCE with ample capabilities to store recoverable karmic elastic energy in its core.
  • Know fellow human that this is not all it was intended.
  • The concept of earth as a University of Duality is well appreciated as it serves to provide an education forum for our consciousness expansion through experimentation with myriad of diverse frequencies for us as earth incarnates.
  • Furthermore, it may be that all this falling out or mischiefs by soul-less synthetic beings is tolerated by the Prime Creator and the Angelics in order to offer this Omni Earth as a ‘School of Hard Knocks.’
  • However, the artificial manipulation of a ‘Matrix’ that puts humanity in bondage, ever subtending a whirlpool comprised of futile endeavors that do not adequately culminate in consciousness expansion, is in direct conflict with the divine purpose.
  • But, remember that the Prime Creator has given each and every one of us the gift of ‘Will Power’ to venture in the conscious cosmos to experiment with and to get experienced.
  • Furthermore, in order to fortify this objective for attaining consciousness expansion in the cosmos, the Prime Creator has instituted ‘the Mandate of Non-Interference,’ which states that no conscious sentient being [including the Prime Creator itself] is ever to hinder the efforts of another being or a civilization comprised of such beings through direct interference.
  • Therefore, we initially enrolled in this University of Duality and it is incumbent on us to fulfill our soul contract by seeing the curriculum through no matter how harsh or even futile it may seem at one time or another.
  • The crux of the whole experience is that we were duped into a repeated reincarnation cycle.
  • However, this ‘School of Hard Knocks’ is what it is all about.
  • It has a seemingly impossible lesson plan to master.
  • And, the primary lesson to learn is to raise in frequency of consciousness in order to be able to decipher the ramification of our existence under such a condition of bondage.
  • Once this lesson is learned through remembering and avoiding reincarnation back again, we are out of the black hole with all its demanding pull of gravity, and we are, once again, free to roam the conscious cosmos easily and spontaneously.no karma
  • The most important issue is that once graduated, we are adept in ‘life’ experiences like no other.
  • We become the master, the guru, and then suddenly it feels as if it was all worth it, as it all propelled us into a new height of expanded consciousness.
  • There are many beings in our galaxy that have honored us for our determination and our courage to take part in such a seemingly impossible curriculum to master or even complete.
  • It is a feat that they would never venture in.
  • But, superior consciousness does not come without such efforts.
  • Thus, while it seems very hard to cope while in the matrix, when graduated and departed from this prison, one comes to the realization of the extent of one’s achievements while being trapped in the matrix.
  • And, indeed, this may be the reason as to why this artificial matrix is permitted to operate: simply, it provides a forum for sharpening the aptitude for attaining consciousness expansion.
  • Therefore, once viewed through a different perspective, it becomes purposeful in its right, if not controversially, it creeps out of utter unconsciousness.
  • In summary, the curriculum is now complete and soon you shall be graduating from a seemingly impossible degree program.
  • And, if you encounter beings who either claimed to be your long lost friends and families, and particularly, if they try to convince you that you need to go back reincarnating on this Omni Earth in order to recover or pay back your accumulated ‘karma,’ JUST SAY NO.
  • Any karma accumulated, if so, can be easily and readily remedied through productive and benevolent deeds outside ‘the matrix.’
  • Remember your angelic heritage and know that you are fully capable of benevolence, operating in the field of unconditional love with utter compassion.exessive stretching

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